Day 278 of Project 2015

Last day of holidays 😦

Life goes relatively back to normal tomorrow.

So does time fly when you are having fun? Not really… we’ve noticed that because of our awareness of our everyday…. time has passed as it should.. if anything, it has gone slowly.

We are now watching a mini-series (borrowed from our local library) called The Pillars of the Earth – we do have the book but haven’t read it yet. We heard a lot about it when we were on the Camino actually. People talking about it when we visited the different cathedrals, when looking at the construction and the architecture. All very fascinating.

Summary for October 5


Cooked dinner without any recipe… We tend to try new recipes all the time – it is very very rare that we have the same meal twice unless it is an easy one like homemade pizzas or nachos. 

We made one from memory today… eggplant parmagiana. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We can learn from so many things around us. We love historical fiction because we can learn a great deal from them whether it be books or shows or movies. 


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