Day 275 of Project 2015

It was a bits & pieces kind of day for us. Post office visits, hair cut, money exchange, shopping, library….

We did actually quite a fair bit in the time we had. And David even managed to go to work in the afternoon too.

How easy it is to fall back into routine but we have enjoyed time being so slow. Or at least it feels like it is. On holidays and even now as we come home. Even the nights sleep seem so much longer 🙂

Lucky for the long weekend ahead of us, we do get to spend a bit more time together and also have a think about what our next trip could be…Big or small? Far or near? We will take anything that is on offer at the moment.

Summary for October 2


Waking up early (still on NZ time) and reading in bed for a couple of hours. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We love being home. There is nothing wrong with “normal” life. It is the normal that makes the abnormal extraordinary 🙂 


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