Day 274 of Project 2015

So we are home now! Back in Sydney and it seems just in time for a super duper hot long weekend.

We got amazing weather in NZ and now come back to amazing weather. We heard that it was dreadful the past week, with plenty of rain!

We watched Ant-man on the plane and it was interesting to see it from the different perspectives… because of size. Seeing it from a human view but then as the size of an ant…We live in ONE world but there are so many different “worlds” out there that we are never really privy to. Raises the question of how we can pass judgment about anything when really the only life we know is the one we currently are living in.

Summary for October 1


Being in bed by 8 because in NZ it was 11 pm. We had the longest sleep ever…..

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Everything around us is more than meets the eye. Don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions. 


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