Day 268 of Project 2015

We drove to Wanaka which isn’t far from Queenstown. On the way we stopped via Arrowtown which is an old pioneer town. It was so cute and quaint.

We did a lot of walking. We walked from one end of Arrowtown to the next and back again. We walked along Lake Wanaka. We walked around the giant maze in Puzzling World.

You could say our legs are pretty sore today. But nothing compared to while we were on the Camino.

Puzzling World had 5 rooms with illusions… we LOVE that stuff and one of the rooms was  a sloping room… Craziest sensation ever… our minds were so “locked” in seeing it a certain way….Brains may be clever but sometimes to our own detriment… trying to fill in things that are not there, trying to solve things and normalise things when it shouldn’t have to. It shows how inflexible the brains are as well.

Summary for September 25


Had a Chinese entree with an Italian main for dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Things are not always what they seem. And sometimes there are two ways to look and really “see” something. 


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