Day 267 of Project 2015

We did a day trip Milford Sound and the trip from Queenstown was LONG!! But totally worth it.

The cruise was incredible, the scenery was spectacular. We were as happy as can be to also have perfect weather; warm and sunny. Not a rain cloud in sight. How lucky were we!

On the way back, the driver put on the movie “Whale Rider”. What a feel good movie about being an underdog and fighting against the odds. Never give up!!

New Zealand is really a pretty country. We never got to see it enough the last time we were here. We are VERY interested to come back again and see more… NZ is so close, we should take advantage of it.

Summary for September 24


Going on a day trip… so far we have been driving ourselves around. But today we actually felt like we were travelling again. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Let’s share this photo as our different perspective. This is the base of Stirling Falls on the Sound. 



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