Day 261 of Project 2015

YAY – last day of work for David for 2 weeks which means our trip is only 2 sleeps away! So cool….

David did a big clean out of his desk… and because he hadn’t cleaned out his filing cabinet since 2006… until today: that’s a lot of paperwork to go through! Come back from work and he should feel refreshed and ready to rock’n’roll towards the end of the year.

Finding papers and stuff from that long ago… because it was kept “just in case”… seriously it is a bad habit that we have learned to break! Same goes with everything in our home… the decluttering process although has stopped for now because we have minimised… the reality is, there could probably be more to go. One step at a time… maybe that can be a project for the start to 2016.

We have a bag now by the wardrobe where we occasionally toss in clothes that don’t fit, we don’t like any more, or we just haven’t worn. These things go straight into the clothing bin when it fills up. It’s actually a very successful technique to cull because seriously, we don’t even know what is in that bag as we type. Shows how “important” those items really were.. NOT!

Summary for September 18


Does it count that we STILL have not finished packing. This is VERY unlike us. But it seems that as the years progress, we are becoming more and more last minute packers. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Regular clear outs and cleans help the good vibes surface because in with the good chi, out with the bad! Not just on physical things but with thoughts, people, attitude, reactions, feelings…. the list is endless! 


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