Day 260 of Project 2015

We spontaneously decided to go and watch “Pixel” tonight because we were surprised with movie tickets in our anniversary card. We didn’t think we would have time to use them before we went away but we did.

The only session was 9.30pm which meant we would be home by midnight. Later than we wanted on a school night but heck, say yes to life.. isn’t that the plan?

It was a fun movie… full of retro arcade game inspiration…. lucky we have decided NOT to buy an arcade table otherwise David might be back in his element wishing we did have one.

Did we ever write that we had wanted to buy a pinball machine for our apartment. Yeah.. we are pretty crazy like that?

How about that we wanted to change our kitchen to a retro diner? With black and white checkerboard flooring and booth seating? Never say never though…. 😉

Summary for September 17


Returning just before midnight on a weeknight – it is very unlike us because we are usually in bed by 9.30 ish. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Don’t ever call anything DAGGY because one day it will be cool again. 



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