Day 257 of Project 2015

Last week of work before we go to NZ…. And a busy week ahead yet again.

We had homemade pizzas tonight so we can sit and plough through Homeland Season 4 DVD… 5 episodes in a row! Bit of a marathon. But that is what we can do when we are both at home at 3 pm 😉

We watched a great TED Talk. One by a young lady with two brothers with autism. She said some powerful things in there. Things we take for granted… she was talking about not being normal… because normality kills the beauty of differences and not allowing for full potential to be reached.

Be different, don’t be like everyone else! Don’t be ordinary… be extraordinary!

So many good messages out there about being different… we don’t need to do what everyone around us is doing… that’s just BORING!

Summary for September 14


Working differently with a different mindset – the attitude of staying focused and not letting “what was still to do” to bother us. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The warmer weather is finally here. Just as quickly as winter comes, so does summer. 


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