Day 256 of Project 2015

Woke up feeling refreshed for another day. Knowing we had a few things we had to do today…

First stop was the park to have a family game of ultimate frisbee. Now that was a crazy, intense and highly energetic game. Absolutely exhausted after a few minutes of chasing this frisbee around.

Then it was back home to freshen up and get ready to pick up our camera that we left at David’s parents place last week. Upon leaving, we realised we had forgotten their house keys and knew they wouldn’t be home til after 1… so we had to rejig our plans a little.

David has a dream to get an arcade table in our place. We don’t have space at present nor is it really a worthy investment. We have a PlayStation 3 which we barely play often BUT we have been playing a few old school games from the net through the PS Network.

So today, we bought arcade controllers for the PS3. One for David and one for Le so we can play against one another. The controllers were on special… and we played them straight way when we got home. Definitely a better investment than an entire arcade table.

We’ve been sooooo good with our spending habits, simply because we have our minimalist hats on. Not buying anything out of “leisure” for ourselves. And ironically today it was a treat to buy this because we have been so good lately 🙂

Summary for September 13


Played ultimate frisbee

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It is so important to do what makes you happy. Setting rules and boundaries that restrict your ability to have fun… what is it worth? The sky is the limit…. Enjoy and live life! 


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