Day 253 of Project 2015

We had a dentist appointment and gosh, who ever enjoys the experience? No one we’ve ever met at least.

But that’s okay because we got good news to offset it!! Finally!!

Le hasn’t been working for a couple of months and the timing was great because her sisters and her are going into business together. We were waiting for something to come through to confirm that it is pretty much all systems go… and although, its not entirely all systems go… we are very much one step closer. YAY!

Busy and fun times are ahead for us šŸ™‚

And it’s 10 days til we go to NZ!

Lots to be happy for…. positivity attracts positivity.

Summary for September 10


Having back to back nights of sleeping at midnight…. and not even feeling flat!Ā 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

One NOT so good thingĀ doesn’t need to beĀ remembered. Remember insteadĀ the good things.Ā 


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