Day 251 of Project 2015

Negative energy sucks and it should be banned from the world. But because it can’t be, we just ban it from our lives and we have done so successfully!

As a whole, we have found that all types of “bad” things doesn’t invigorate our “negative” emotions that much any more. We are able to see the positive or the flip side of things.

We certainly don’t dwell on things and really do forget about yesterday when we fall asleep.

We remember the good though and continue to be grateful for all that is good.

There is this great show on the ABC called “Redesign My Brain” – a show we are yet to watch in its entirety.

One of the elements that they mention is that we are constantly training our brains and if we associate regularly with negative emotions, then our brain naturally recognises and is attracted to its familiarity.

We forget how easily we can switch our train of thinking to live with a healthier mindset.

People get bogged down and blame situations but ultimately it is up to each individual to react and feel how they choose. It is a choice!

Summary for September 8


David went a longer way to work but because of the time managed to get there in good time and with an all-day park! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Choose what you want to clutter your brain with. What good does it serve you if you worry about things that have no impact on your life or happiness?


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