Day 248 of Project 2015

We had a seafood feast for Father’s Day lunch today for Le’s dad. It was such a glorious day to eat outside and let the kids be able to run around and play. We managed to have an altered version of backyard cricket…. with a “plank of wood” that Le’s dad shaped to be a cricket bat…. and the use of a ping pong ball as the ball…. Innovative, right?

We had steamed Barramundi, garlic prawns, mussels in red wine sauce, salt and pepper calamari, scallops in shallot soy and Kilpatrick oysters. Fresh from fish markets and home cooked. It was probably the first time, we’ve had all the ladies in the kitchen buzzing around cooking.

And for dessert it was pavlova and caramel mudcake!

A feast to say the least – didn’t think we could eat for the rest of the day…..

But “later in the day” proved us wrong ūüėČ

Summary for September 5


Father’s Day lunch – normally Saturdays are hard days for the whole family to get together but because Saturday sport has¬†finished and no one was working, we managed to have a¬†lovely family luncheon.¬†

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Use your noggin to think of alternative ways to do something if you don’t have what you need.¬†


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