Day 247 of Project 2015

Happy Friday once again. Thinking about to ONE year ago… where were we? We were in St Jean Pied de Port preparing ourselves for the start of the Camino tomorrow. What an incredible year it has been since.

We can still remember the room we stayed in, we can still remember us preparing our walking poles, walking to the local Carrefour to pick up water, muesli bars and a baguette, getting our pilgrim passport stamped and getting basic advice as to whether we go the high road or low road. The nerves were officially setting in. We also had our first pilgrim lunch where we met our first fellow pilgrims pals from the USA; a mother and a daughter. We still think of them and how they are going.

The Camino – an experience that will forever change our lives and change who we are. Change the way we look at life and change the way we react to things. Change the way we want our lives to be and change the way we look at ourselves.

We believe in the impossible now.. because nothing is impossible.

And being every day in this state that we are in…. wishing to be on that path again. It is so true what those before said, that no one really gets it unless they too have walked the Camino. We “never” got it either until last year!

What we would do – to be back there… experiencing it all over again!

Summary for September 4


Trying a new Ice Magic flavour because we have a craving for ice cream and chocolate 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Fond memories are worth keeping, it’s the not so fond that need to be let go! Or … just look at those in a different light and maybe they too will become fond! 


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