Day 245 of Project 2015

We went over to David’s parents place for dinner tonight; delicious teriyaki salmon. And before we left we managed to squeeze in a few rounds of Sequence (a board game).

They’ve been away for a couple of months so it was good for us to kind of get back into a “regular” catch up routine with them… probably just in time for us to be off to NZ and them off on their cruise.

We thought we were travel addicts but they are more so… actually might explain where David’s love of travel comes from.

But you know what?! We are all for it… do what makes you happy and when you can!

Summary for September 2


Driving our new car to David’s folks place. We got there after dark  – thanks to traffic so couldn’t “show it off” much but we will get more chances later. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Being able to see that the way we see things in our life is our choice entirely. The way we handle situations or react to things is our choice. When it comes down to it, we have more control on our lives than we realise. Admittedly we can’t control the sequence of events or what is dealt to us, but we can change the amount it impacts by the way we react to it…. Less care = less impact. More positivity = less impact if it’s a negative thing. Indifference = less impact. This whole different/brighter perspective on life that we have adopted, we can feel, has been healthy for us in so many ways. 


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