Day 238 of Project 2015

During our time sleeping in the lounge room, we had our big Himalayan Salt Lamp in there and when we moved back to the bedroom, we noticed a significant difference in our “snufflyness” – we are both very hypoallergenic and are constantly sneezing or blocked up.

But since we had the salt lamp and through winter… we have had generally pretty clear noses.

We have noticed we sleep a whole lot better too so we purchased ourselves a smaller salt lamp today for our bedroom.

This time last year, we were in Zurich – how do we remember? Because that is where we celebrated David’s birthday. It is the eve of his birthday…. it also marks the same general time that we met back in 2004. Crazzzzzy how fast time has flown yet how much we have done and achieved during that time.

Summary of August 26


Celebrating David’s birthday with dinner with his parents before his actual birthday. We usually have only celebrated it afterwards or on the day.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are the best investments for our allergies – it could be placebo but whatever it is… our noses are grateful! 


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