Day 237 of Project 2015

David went to work this morning and found his desk had been flooded following last night’s crazy storm.

Luckily the computer and electricals weren’t affected. But despite that he was told not to work there for safety reasons. So he dried up his desk and went to a free room where his computer screen was as big as a wall in the room.

Other than that excitement it was much like any other Tuesday.

Summary of August 25


We usually have the same thing for breakfast. But today Le made David scrambled eggs while she had a banana berry shake. He also had some of the shake too. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

An inconvenience may not be a bad thing. Because of David’s reshuffle, he was able to be more productive as no telephone or staff were there to interrupt. Plus his desk got a good cleaning 🙂 


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