Day 236 of Project 2015

We had such glorious weather on Saturday (2 days ago) and then we have storm. So much thunder and lightning. Then there was a crazy hailstorm just before we went to bed. It was terrifying. We had all crazy weather.

Early in the day, once David got home from work, we sat down and watched a ridiculous Japanese movie called “Aliens Vs Ninjas” – yeh we should’ve been able to tell by the title but that was the whole point. We wanted to see how bad it could be and also gave it the benefit of the doubt. Hahaha  it was bad!

Summary of August 24


We cooked a vegetarian shepherd’s pie… how absolutely delicious 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David got caught in the rain and was drenched… luckily he had a change of clothes under his desk at work. It was meant to be his “gym” clothes for lunch… maybe it was the world’s subtle reminder that he needed to get moving more while at work. 😉 



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