Day 235 of Project 2015

A box of a mixed bag… Sleep in, housework, lunch with some friends, doing some work in a library, shopping, cooking lunch for tomorrow before a last minute decision to catch up with a friend to see the place she has just bought.

And coming home to watch the last bit of cricket only to find that it is raining in England just like it is raining here in Sydney.

We have now moved our mattress back to the bedroom and probably timely as Spring is almost here so we won’t feel too much of the cold coming in from our bedroom window.

It’s the end of yet another weekend. Only a few more weeks until we take off but so much more going on until then.

Summary of August 23


We fit in quite a lot today and didn’t “plan” too much. We made all our decisions quite spontaneously except for the lunch catch up with friends. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Sunday afternoons and evenings are not “sad” for us anymore. We know its the end of a weekend but every day is much of a muchness and because we get to spend more hours during the week together nowadays… we look forward to every day. 


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