Day 233 of Project 2015

We were on the way home when we thought we would stop to grab some groceries from the supermarket.

As we pull into a parking spot, we saw cop cars and forensic police van and people milling around the street. It appeared that a tobacco shop must’ve had an incident. We were just glad that we didn’t see any police tape or an ambulance.

It’s a little unnerving when we see stuff like that. It’s not a nice feeling to know some poor person had to experience a hold up or an unpleasant experience. We were just relieved that it looked like no one was hurt.

Summary of August 21


We saw Letters and Numbers on the ABC again. We love that show… the maths problems and the letter problems… 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We are geeky at heart. We love conundrums and puzzles and solving things. Good way to keep our brains active so we will pull out our Letters and Numbers books to have a go at the puzzles 😉 


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