Day 231 of Project 2015

It has been one of those unusual days. Le’s oldest sister thought she lost her wallet. Le helped her find it. Then later that evening, Le’s other sister thought she lost her mobile. And while Le spoke to her, she too found her phone.

Since the Camino, we have learned a LOT about being calm in these types of situations. But also more importantly to remain positive! To think that it will turn up, to think that it is not lost yet…. not to give up! Not to lose hope…. And at the same time, to think of it from a “learning” perspective rather than a “DAMMIT” or “F&*$# this!” or “How can this happen?”

Accept that things have happened and look at how you can learn from it or what you have taken away from the experience and see THAT as the positive… i.e. “Now i know next time….” “At least it’s only my wallet and not something more important…”

Anyway, today’s events were enough to confirm that Le’s OCD with her “3-point check” is not that crazy. She checks for mobile, wallet and keys whenever we leave anywhere… home, the restaurant, the shops … literally constantly checking…

Summary of August 19


Threw together dinner with what we had in our fridge… we usually cook by recipes to try something different but this time it was whatever we could use up. Our goal towards reducing food wastage. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Some things we do may seem crazy but there is always a reason behind the madness. Keep doing what you are doing unless proven to be useless! But even then, if it makes you feel comforted or happy, then keep doing it 🙂 


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