Day 230 of Project 2015

So where are we?? A month away from our NZ trip – A few days away from David’s birthday – A couple of weeks away from Spring. In terms, of events and actual dates… we know where we are going and what’s happening.

At least we think we do, yet on so many other levels… where are we really going?

We are really becoming addicted to blogging in so many forms. We have ideas to create a lifestyle blog, a couples blog, a blog about anything.

This blog in particular started out as something we concocted to inspire happiness and living in the moment – it has transpired and evolved into an online diary for us. That is essentially what it is, right?

We keep getting the advice to journal more. Everything we read about being happy, spirituality, inspiration to write… it all comes down to journalling. A lot of the time, it should involve not thinking but just letting the thoughts flow and somehow it does seem to be come a little more natural in this setting. There is so much we want to say and share but trying to keep it all coherent and flowing is the hard part! We will get there…. we will get a blog that is exactly what we hoped for eventually!

Summary of August 18 


David has taken work home. The first time this year that he is doing it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Although NOT ideal, we accept that there are times where things happen because they have to. You got to do what you got to do. 

Saw this online today :

How to stop time: kiss

How to travel in time: read

How to escape time: music

How to feel time: write

How to release time: breathe

Isn’t that just beautiful??


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