Day 226 of Project 2015

It’s Friday and one more night until we see David’s parents! They’re coming back after a several weeks away in Europe…. *sigh* We wish we were in Europe!

Anyway, it will be good to see the folks after so long. To hear their stories, to get travel envy/inspiration, to have family around 🙂

Le caught up with some friends for dinner… her best friends from uni – they always have a blast getting together. The night wasn’t too late as the restaurant subtly pushed them out by switching off the lights. Hahahaha…. there is always a commotion of some sort when they go out. If it’s not waiters spilling soy sauce on them, it’s being shushed by the table next to them…. It’s never boring!

Summary of August 14


David watched a footy game by himself while Le was out. Normally it’s the other way around OR we watch it together. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Good friends are like diamonds in a haystack, harder to find but simply priceless…. as we get older, we become more open and honest with one another! The beauty of friendship 🙂 


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