Day 223 of Project 2015

It was a different sort of day. Le drove David to work because she had a few “errands” to run and people to catch up with. It was great for David not to have to worry about finding parking and so was extremely productive at work. It was also perfect to see each other between jobs when Le picked him up. For David, Tuesday is his long day … going from his full-time job to a second job and we don’t see each other in between. So it was a treat!

We picked up a new modem for our internet… the other one was OLD and we were losing a little confidence that it was giving us the speed and quality internet we needed.

Le finally finished the scarf. It was a long time coming… but it was VERY much a start and stop project. Start when it’s winter and then stop when it’s not. And knitting probably 5 lines per day each time… hahahaha…. Oh well, it’s done now… so the guilt of an incomplete project can be no more with that scarf 😉

Summary of August 11


Seeing each other on a Tuesday in between jobs for David. That hardly EVER happens. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Life is about doing what is important now… doesn’t necessarily means it needs to be finished … there are no rules with what and when things should be done as long as it doesn’t bother or affect us. 


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