Day 222 of Project 2015

The plan was to wake up and do some “Hip Hop Abs” – this fun exercise DVD that mixes in hip hop dancing and an ab workout.

You guessed it, we slept right through the alarm.

Rolling out of bed in time for David to have a shower, Le to quickly prepare breakfast and then rushing David out the door for work. Our mornings have been sounding A LOT like this lately! Urgh!

But the plan for tomorrow is to get an early night sleep tonight to be up bright and sparkling as soon as the alarm goes off! We’ll let you know tomorrow how that goes.

Summary of August 10


We ate vegetarian Mexican food tonight. We made ourselves black beans and cheese tortillas. It was delicious. Cooking vegetarian food is so fast and easy! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We missed our morning exercise plans… BUT that meant we enjoyed a longer sleep in… the bed is so warm and cosy on these cold dark winter’s morning. Not long now til Spring is here so we should enjoy the doona warmth for that little bit longer. 


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