Day 221 of Project 2015

Getting our days mixed up. Were ahead of ourselves Saturday and wrote about August 9 before it even arrived. Now that is a first!

We had a relatively late start to Sunday and then went into town for a grocery shop at Paddy’s Markets. We also went and got a pack of fries from the shop “Lord of the Fries” and got some European mayo to go with it… just so we got the sense of being on holidays again. We sat on the steps of Town Hall to eat our chippies while demonstrations/rallys were going on nearby. Never experienced that before either.

We ended up jumping on a bus back home that wasn’t the right bus. We were on a bus with a “6” instead of an “8” in it. We have NO idea how we both managed to miss it.

Thank goodness it was heading in the same general vicinity.

Summary of August 9


Catching the wrong bus and having to ask the bus driver sheepishly where the next stop was so we could get out and do the long walk home. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

The walk did us a lot of good. It made sure we stayed out and about for that little bit longer.


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