Day 220 of Project 2015

Hooray for Saturday and the weekend!

The more we live and observe, the more we realise kids have it all worked out from the start. And we spend all these years of our lives “growing up” to only realise they truly get LIFE. You name it.. they have it sorted…

  • Honesty – kids can’t tell a lie. They will tell things as they are. They won’t try and break anything gently, they will tell you exactly what they think.
  • Fun / Imagination – they have so much fun, imagination and creativity. They play and play and play and make and make and make and have ideas of all sorts…. They get to do what they love every day (until school starts of course – which locks us into this habit that “routine” is healthy… YEAH RIGHT)
  • Tolerance – kids will play with any kid. They don’t discriminate. Fights end so quickly and quarrels are long forgotten.
  • Resilience – kids bounce back fast! They also adapt much better than adults to.
  • Innocence – the worst thing they can think of is saying the word “poo poo” and “bum bum”

Summary of August 8


We bought a colouring book for adults – not as in MA15+ rated or anything. But there is this trend for colouring books pitched at adults. A boutique bookshop had a whole section of it. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

David’s favourite author Paulo Coelho wisely said, ”

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.”

2 thoughts on “Day 220 of Project 2015

  1. Another thing kids are excellent at is recovery. An adult takes a long time to recover after a health issue, and at times they can dwell on “the flu” for days. Kids just get up and get going when they are improving. There is no dwelling in bed or laying around. It’s all up and go.

    Also, welcome to the wonderful world of colouring-in. I have a box set up with coloured pencils and textas galore in the outdoor patio area with a couple of adult colouring books. I find it is a great de-stressor to a crazy day.


    • So very very very true!! And it usually is very easy to tell when kids are sick… their “spark” is missing. But as you say, NOT for long!

      And we are LOVING the colouring-in! It is so much fun and is really keeping our creative brain active!


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