Day 219 of Project 2015

Can you believe it?? Australian Cricket Team all out within 90 minutes with a score of 60 runs…. What??!!

We are back in the living room again overnight so we could keep an eye on the match live. And we might as well roll the mattress back to bed…. but nope, we are sticking it out because we got to keep the faith!

At least with the second innings, it ain’t looking so bad for us. We are hanging on with 3 and a half days to go… C’mon Aussies!!!

Anyway, it’s Friday …. time for the weekend once more. YAY!

Yet to make plans for Sunday…. we were thinking if the weather is pleasant, we might consider a walk somewhere. Or try and do some more “touristy” stuff around Sydney or just have a day in watching some of our new movies. Let’s see

Summary of August 7


Le’s started knitting a scarf about 3-4 years ago. And then rolled it up and put it aside. Now with a bit of spare time up her sleeve – she’s pulled it out to work on it for the first time this year and have also learned a few tips from her mum. She is very close to finishing. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Never give up! Some projects may be benched, some ideas may be in the wings, some plans may seem to ambitious once you start. But that doesn’t mean you will never get around to it. Never say DIE!


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