Day 218 of Project 2015

Le’s ankle is almost as good as new. How crazy a little nursing but a lot of positivity can do! Barely “giving in” to it and so we have barely noticed it! More feeling sorry for herself more than anything LOL.

We went to the local video shop tonight and they have ex-rentals for $1 or 12 for $10. They don’t come in covers, just little plastic sleeves. And there are thousands and thousands of DVDs to look through and in NO particular order. It’s pretty crazy! But we trawled through and spent $20 and loaded up on a bunch of films that we have never seen but have heard about OR simply thought we could try.

We are usually more into TV shows/series – but rummaging through 1000s of DVDs and maybe not be able to complete a series would be ANNOYING so we have picked up movies titles that we stumbled across.

Summary of August 6


Buying ex-rentals in bulk from the local video store. (Random thought – Isn’t it funny that we still call it a video store when videos are such a thing of the past?). 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

We love supporting our local businesses…. we get so happy when we are in a store and see it “busy” for the owners whether it be the fruit market, a restaurant/cafe or the video shop. It means that NOT everything is dying out. 


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