Day 217 of Project 2015

Day 1 after the fall and Le is doing better than we anticipated. Swelling is still present and to walk is a wee bit tender. Better than expected other than that she found a grazed knee. In the panic to ice the ankle and mend the scrapped hand last night, we neglected to notice that her knee also took the brunt of the fall and is bruised.

We made a delicious curried eggplant for dinner. Sooo easy and so yummy. We have been able to find so many quick and easy recipes lately that are also very healthy.

Le also got a message on Facebook from a friend saying that she thinks her email account has been hacked because the friend received a “dodgy” looking email from Le. Urgh! What a pain! So it was straight into the email account to change email passwords etc…. Just what we needed as we were heading to bed.

Anyway, all sorted now…. why do these silly robots do that? Hack into accounts and sending out stupid links to people. Does anyone really still fall for clicking those dodgy links?

Summary of August 5


After dinner, we sat down in our lounge room and did some reading. It’s not often that we actually put time aside to sit down and read. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Hackings of accounts is just a life reminder that we can’t become too complacent… changing email passwords means we have to “stay on the ball” and keep our mind active 😉 


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