Day 215 of Project 2015

Another drinking glass in our home broke… what is the deal? It is almost like everything knows we are decluttering (or trying to) so are ripping, breaking, cracking or just not working anymore.

We appreciate the effort but we really don’t need everything we own dying on us now… slowly is fine, please!

On more brighter notes, we woke up and had an acai drink for breakfast… it certainly was a pick us up! We felt energetic and positive all day. Must be the fact that we left last month behind … and we spent the first night back in our bedroom since we have been sleeping on the mattress in our living room floor. David thought bringing our energy back to the bedroom to get some chi flowing would be a good idea before we come back out in a few days for the next Ashes game.

Summary of August 3


We managed to go to the bank, go to the accountant, go to dinner and dessert and be home by 6.55pm. We travelled over 20km to complete all this so we felt pretty chuffed that the night was still young when we got home. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

At least two glasses of the same set broke so that we are down to an even number rather than an odd number of those glasses… hahaha…. yep we can still see a positive! 


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