Day 211 of Project 2015

Great news today that Ben was discharged from the hospital. What a relief!! He is back to his usual self..

We can now rest easy and relax and enjoy the Ashes!

All we keep thinking about is the kind people in this world. The carers at his group home have just been sensational. They have showed so much compassion and love during this time of need. Carers in general are such dedicated people and we hope they get all the appreciation and gratitude they deserve.

The world is scattered with angels and occasionally they will pass through our lives and leave their mark. We shouldn’t let opportunities to show our appreciation pass. We know how great it feels to get a thank you… so passing on a thank you every now and then may mean a word of difference for someone’s day.

There is constantly depressing news on social media, on TV or radio… surrounding hatred, and bullying, hurting one another.  So we disregard most of what we read and hear and leave everything up to what we experience and what happens in our real life.

There is enough goodness to counterbalance the toxicity that sometimes tries to seep into our lives.

“Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If its bad, it’s experience”

Summary of July 30


Eating ice-cream in our makeshift bed in the living room! 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Focusing on the angels that come into our lives. 


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