Day 210 of Project 2015

It’s been a tough week for us. With a lot of ups and downs, we are weary! Mentally, emotionally and physically it has been draining and obviously taking its toll. It’s evident with David at least to everyone else just not to us. When people around you are telling you that you look like crap … it means that it is showing to everyone.

Good news though is that Ben is on the mend. We saw him again today and he was almost back to his usual self. Off the oxygen, walking around, into a “normal” ward and his giggly and cheeky self once more. He was so happy to see us and to see him almost come good really made the weariness dissipate.

We sat and reflected on the way out to see Ben…  at everything that has gone on in the past few days. The support we have received has been immense and for that we are grateful! What surprised us most was that all the people who showed support and compassion were people who never even met Ben (excluding Le’s family who obviously have met Ben). Lovely followers of our blog, friends, work colleagues…. they all sent on their well wishes.

We read a very true quote today:

You can speak with spiritual eloquence, pray in public and maintain a holy appearance … but it is your behaviour that will reveal your true character.

Summary of July 29


Instead of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic we decided  to duck in to a near by restaurant and enjoy dinner. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It was such a pick us up when we saw Ben! All the weariness was all worth it to see him up and about with a big smile. 


One thought on “Day 210 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    Good news! 🙂 And another good quote from John Denver – “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.”


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