Day 207 of Project 2015

We spent some time in the city to visit Susannah’s Place, one of the Sydney Living Museums houses. We were hanging about waiting for news on David’s oldest brother.(He has Angelman Syndrome. We were raising awareness for the condition last year on our Camino walk).

Anyway, he was admitted into hospital last night with pneumonia, so we spent the evening with him.

We came home exhausted but glad to have been able to be there for him.

The plan had been to go meet him for the morning but we got a call from his group home telling us they were being extra cautious and taking him to hospital because he was coughing a lot.

Because we were already out of the house, we decided to stay out. So we had breakfast and lunch out and by the time we were home and about to have dinner, we got news that he was transferred to a bigger hospital and so we made our way into the hospital to see him. We also had dinner out… McDonalds in fact. Hahahha – we have never had McDonalds for dinner. There were plenty of firsts for us today .

Summary of July 26


Eating out for all three meals and also visiting Susannah’s Place.

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Having him in hospital is NOT a good thing but the fact that his carer was observant enough to notice that he wasn’t quite himself and for her to be concerned enough to do the right thing by him. We are appreciative! 


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