Day 202 of Project 2015

We have a little bit of catching up to do. We are falling off our conscientious every day blogging (or every second day) – it has fallen completely by the wayside and is now at every third day! Yikes!

This means we HAVE to dig back into our memory bank to remember what we did three days ago and honestly, because we are living in the now… we don’t really remember what happened in the past.

So here is our attempt at recalling what even happened on Tuesday…. Hmmm…… It very much from memory was like any other day, otherwise if something truly outstanding happened, we WOULD remember!

And if you are wondering, we are STILL sleeping in the lounge room. It feels warmer!

Summary of July 21


Although in the lounge room, we tried sleeping in a different direction with a NOT very good restful sleep. 

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

Different is good but it can also upset the harmony. Change isn’t always necessary if it disrupts what works.


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