Day 201 of Project 2015

We had dinner with our little nieces today. They are so entertaining to be around.

Watching kids live is something we all should imitate. There is so much energy, excitement and curiosity.

Kids smile one minute, and cry the next but move on to being happy again so quickly without even remembering what it was that upset them.

Why do we lose that? Why do we move away from the innocence so quickly? There is no hate (except for maybe vegetables), or prejudice. There is joy in such simple things. Why do we  flush away the curiosity, the frankness and the desire to JUST PLAY and HAVE FUN all day?

Because seriousness and “grown up” is the expected thing to do? Because the environment around us suggests that we have to fit into a certain mould… go to school, get a driver’s licence, go to university/get a trade, work, get married, have kids, buy a house etc etc etc (not necessarily in that order) and then retire!

Really?? Really that was why we were all put on this Earth? Hardly!

Summary of July 20


After this post, we’ll spend the rest of the evening reading rather than watching TV or being online. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Don’t lose the inner child – find it and bring it back! 


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