Day 200 of Project 2015

Sunday once again…. and we have to secretly confess that although we want to enjoy every day and what it has to offer… we are wishing the winter away a little. It is just NOT as fun. With Le almost better, we didn’t want to risk being out in the cold air in case her cough got worse. So we were cooped up inside once again – plus we did have people coming to collect more eBay items.

We have been quarantined socially for about 3 weeks now, almost! We haven’t seen any friends… occasionally seeing family but most of the time have been bunkered inside.

Next weekend should be a slightly more active one – at least that is the plan.

Summary of July 19


We had home-made baked hot chips for breakfast. We usually are not one to have afternoon naps but we did have a siesta – must’ve been staying up to watch the cricket that eventually wore us out! 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We are halfway through winter. That means spring is getting closer! 


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