Day 199 of Project 2015

Day 200?!! That’s a milestone, right?! HOORAY FOR US!

Today was a little manic with us having to do a bunch of odd jobs before returning home early afternoon so that we can meet someone who was picking up another eBay item.

We have put 7 or so items on and all but one has sold in 9 days. We are feeling pretty chuffed 🙂

We watched the movie “Constantine” this afternoon. A movie about demons and angels on earth.. it is loosely based on a Marvel comic but it was rather interesting to look at the world that way. That there are “half-breeds” on Earth; half human half angel or half human half demon. The good and the bad in the world. The rules from heaven and hell for this hybrid life is that they can whisper and guide but cannot “make” an individual do anything good or bad. If they do, it’s punishable.

There are always different ways to look at life on earth… we can only “know” so much, right?

Summary of July 18


The last time the Ashes was on, we pulled the TV into our room to watch it…. this time round, we’ve dragged our mattress into the lounge room to watch it. Sleeping on the mattress on the floor is actually quite fun and warm. Probably because it is different 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Feeling quite comfortable with having a mattress in the middle of our living space. Looks hilariously weird yet feels right 🙂 And you know what?! That is SO us… We are random and free-spirits and do things the way we want to … We really don’t care what people think about us! 


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