Day 198 of Project 2015

It’s Friday! It’s Friday! And it’s cold! Really really cold! And wet!!

We recently bought ourselves a Himalayan Salt Lamp for the lounge room. It is the room that now has all our electronics/technology. The TV, the computer, the laptop… so hopefully the negative ions the lamp emits will counterbalance all the other positive ions. And in turn help us with our allergies and asthma.

And from the perspective of our health – Le is finally just overcoming her bug and now only suffers from a slight post-viral cough. In time for the weekend -we can STOP being quarantined in the house…. We can actually do something this weekend… fingers crossed!


Summary of July 17



Brighter/Different Perspective?

Give everything you can a go if you have nothing to lose. Be open-minded and take on other people’s words of advice, words of wisdom or recommendations. 


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