Day 197 of Project 2015

Yeh, so we are slacking off a little bit now that we are halfway into this project. Only slacking in the sense that we are not writing every day.

We are still being consistent with our thinking and our attitude and our mindset but can’t seem to stay on top of the journalling! But the great thing is that we don’t really mind that we are falling of the wagon a little.

These are the types of things we don’t want to be bogged down with… A case of “meh” and move on! How simple life can be …..

The Second Ashes Test started yesterday and unlike the first test where we stayed up all godly hours, we went to bed early.

Summary of July 16


Probably sounds terrible but we can’t even remember what happened yesterday – we live so much in the moment that yesterday seems like a blur….

Brighter/Different Perspective? 

It is so refreshing not feeling stress… with each day we become more aware that stress and happiness are choices! We can choose how we react to any situation! 


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