Day 196 of Project 2015

After work today – we decided to go to the movies to watch “Inside Out” – the Pixar movie about emotions and boy was that both an eye opening tear jerker!

Watching the cartoon it reinforced a lot about what we are striving for especially with this project. Our “JOY” is permanently switched on… but a healthy reminder that sometimes it’s okay to have “SADNESS” switched on.

We think that is an important reminder that you can’t always be strong and cheerful when you don’t feel it inside. However reading and learning and retraining our brain, we have rewired that very-thought pattern. It is possible to look at things differently so that instead of feeling sad or scared or angry and not necessarily happy, just neutral! Weigh it all up and “FEEL” when it counts.

We are not saying that we are never sad… just that when something sad, bad or upsetting happen – we try to see the good or the lesson or the positive out of it.

Yes it is natural to be sad, but we won’t let it ever be the dominating emotion in our lives.

Summary of July 15


We went to a different cinema, we went to a spontaneous mid-week movie night. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Thinking about the strive for happiness…. well when we stop to think about it. We seriously are happy! There is no reason for us NOT to be happy. We have our health, we have our wonderful families, we have each other, we have food to eat every day and we have a bed to sleep at night. We are so fortunate… and it really is liberating to be able to say…. “We are so happy! We are so at peace! Life is good!” 


5 thoughts on “Day 196 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    We are blessed with so many things that we take for granted – like a warm dry bed to sleep in – but the fact that we have come to take them for granted is also a blessing!


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