Day 192 of Project 2015

We sold a few items on eBay so we had a lady pick up one of the items this morning and then we had to go to the post office and send another item.

We spent the day doing a bit of shopping for necessities. We bought another doona for the bed so that we are so cold at night. And some underwear 🙂

We were overcharged at the underwear shop so we went back and informed them. But their policy is obviously to refund the money but also look at whether an item appeared on the receipt more than it was priced – and then give that item for free as well. What a double bonus! It’s funny the way the trading of money goes. We sold things and pretty much spent the same amount to pick up the things that we needed.

So we basically broke even for the day!

Summary of July 11


Sleeping with two donnas tonights. Let’s see how warm it is. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Those who bought our items obviously scored a bargain … but on the same day, we also scored bargains. Life is an equilibrium of things. 



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