Day 191 of Project 2015

Last official day of holidays for David. At least he is able to stay up late to watch the cricket and still sleep in the following mornings. For NOW! Once he is back at work, he can’t be trudging around the office like a zombie, right?!

Been feeling a little sorry for ourselves this year because this time last year we were getting ready to fly to Europe the following day. And here we are this year, sitting in our living room… on a cold wintery night wishing we had a flight to look forward to tomorrow!

Shush! Feeling sorry for ourselves? Do we EVEN do that anymore? No way! We are flip through our photos of Russia and think that this time last year, we had NO idea what to expect in the months ahead. Just like really now… we have no idea what the months ahead lie for us.

We can plan for NZ in a few months time at least… keep us preoccupied with travels somehow!

We’ve also been putting things on eBay as well – through our mass exodus of stuff, we have some storage that we are shuffling along so hope we can find good homes and recycle our things wisely.

Summary of July 10


Made our first eBay sale in a LOOOONG time 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Don’t hold onto anything in life: not grudges, not belongings, not people, not anything! Appreciate and love people – that’s all that matters! 


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