Day 189 of Project 2015

Le spent most of the day sleeping today which is probably a good thing because now that the Ashes is on (in England) – David is the night owl now. And she might be able to catch up on some cricket with him.

She is feeling a lot better after an interesting night sleep… fits of cold and hot… so very unpleasant. Dosing up on Vitamin C and vitamins to try and ward off the bugs!

As Le slept, David completed the final changes to our place… with only bits and pieces to be tidied up and we will be finished. Hooray! A week in the making but we are there….And to be rewarded with the cricket… David is one lucky man 🙂

Summary of July 8


Sleeping on our long couch in front of the TV so we can watch the Ashes 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Determination can overcome so many barriers. Being determined to get our place different was not an east feat but we did it! 


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