Day 185 of Project 2015

Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate it.

We decided that TODAY we would eat an “All-American” style meal to celebrate with our friends in USA. We searched for the best fried chicken join in Sydney and the best burger joint. We managed to find a place that could possibly do both in Newtown. A place called Mary’s.

It was literally a door in the wall with no signage or anything. The music was so loud, the lighting was dim. We felt like we were in an underground place in a movie.

Best Fried Chicken – it was certainly the most delicious we’ve had.

Best Burger – it was one of the tastiest we’ve had.

Summary of July 4


Celebrating July 4 when it really as no personal significance to us 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We might have to start finding all the major celebrations around the world and find ways to join in locally in Sydney if we can’t be there 🙂 


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