Day 184 of Project 2015

Friday once again!! And due to some creative thinking, we were able to rearrange some more storage space without “buying more storage” as the solution.

We did visit Ikea late so that we could get some space saving ideas and as always there are all these things we want to buy to “change” about our place but then we think about all the Ikea things that we will be selling on eBay or Gumtree soon to move it OUT of the house. That is enough to quickly stop us from wanting to buy more! Hahahah.

Our “travel” art wall is almost up to date We buy a piece of art from places we visit and then we frame it and put it up on the main wall as you enter our place. It is painted blue… and has a puzzle “Dream Big Live Well” which we completed in the middle of the wall. Surrounding it we have the travel art and we have only TWO left that need to be mounted, then we will be up to date.

Summary of July 3


Visiting Ikea and being one of the last shoppers around….

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Thinking differently has helped us to utilise our space to our advantage rather than thinking that “buying” more space is the solution. It is the quick solution but not the most ideal! 


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