Day 183 of Project 2015

So our kitchen tap decided to corrode in parts and turn into a fountain when we turn it on.

Although working fine, it also sprays a thin mist of water in every other direction as well. Not soaking or damaging anything but just spraying a fine mist of water. But it progressively is getting worse so today Le’s father kindly came over to have a look and fix it.

The handy man of the family – thank goodness for him! Saves us having to call a plumber to do something we could technically learn to do ourselves for future.

So that’s what happened, David got a quick lesson in changing the mixer (at least in our place anyway).

Now the tap is fixed and is as good as new!

Summary of July 2


David rolled up his sleeves to do some plumbing 🙂

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Making sure we stop and be appreciative of those who help us. 


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