Day 180 of Project 2015 `

It’s holidays for David so he drove Le to work and we had lunch together.

David bought some takeaway Thai and we ate in the backseat of our car… using the little tray tables that we NEVER get to use.

And for once in a LOOOONG time Le was busy at work which was quite refreshing!

We also finished watching Game of Thrones Season 5… finally…. What a bombshell. When we finish other TV series, we always feel so lost a little … almost like we have had to say goodbye to a good friend. Only until we are then onto our next show 🙂

Summary of June 29


David went to the library to do work near Le’s work so he didn’t have to travel to and from after dropping her off, going to lunch and then picking her up. He found it refreshing and really productive to work in a different environment. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Change is healthy … being in a different environment doesn’t always have to mean being out of our comfort zone! 



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