Day 174 of Project 2015

So we woke up and got out of the house early today… for once! No running around, no manic scoffing of breakfast.

And what was different? The fact that we KNEW David had to be at work by 8….. for a first-aid course.

It is rather extraordinary how when we know we have a “deadline” for something important we are able to time manage so much better. We need to really implement that into every day life so we don’t feel that we are “rushed”. It’s such a horrible feeling to feel like we are always behind the eight ball.

We will get there – we just need to set our mind to it!

Summary of June 23


Le went out for lunch. Where she works, it isn’t located near much so bringing lunch is always the best way to go. But a work colleague suggested lunch in the shopping centre because she had the car for the day. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

Putting our mind to achieving something can make things possible. 


2 thoughts on “Day 174 of Project 2015

  1. Melinda Lusmore says:

    You can always pretend you have an 8 am flight to somewhere exotic – although I would be too excited to sleep all night!


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