Day 172 of Project 2015

It was a day with a nephew today. We came up with this idea for when Le’s sisters’ kids turn 9, that instead of buying them a gift for their birthday we give them a day with us to hang out. And they can choose to do WHATEVER they want to, up to a value of $50.

We cover transport and food and drink but the rest is up to them how they choose to spend the $50.

We went to watch Minions. Then it was off to Yum Cha for lunch before some arcade games. Followed by a visit to the book shop, two games of bowling and then a home game of Sequence.

We are ABSOLUTELY knackered after the weekend that we have had but feel so fulfilled by it.

We can’t believe that it is only Sunday…

Summary of June 21


A jam-packed weekend with barely any time at home except to sleep. 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

It truly is lovely to give the gift of time! And for a boy who is oldest in his family with two siblings, attention is no doubt divided so for him to have a day without having to “consider” everyone else…. we could really see the joy in his face! 


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