Day 171 of Project 2015

It was morning tea for a little Miss 4 niece. And we spent a few hours playing with the girls. We enjoyed some fruit and a homemade cake.

The weather fortunately turned lovely for the day so we were able to go outside.

After the late night, we were pretty tired after lunch (which we had at a new cafe in a neighbourhood we don’t frequent) so came home about 2ish and both jumped into bed for some “quiet” time or “rest” time.

OMG – we sound like two oldies… But we had a night out with a friend coming up so we knew we had to make sure we had the energy.

We had a great reason to celebrate as she bought a house at auction… so we caught up over dinner and heard all about it. We chatted about being “all grown up now” because we have mortgages…. In other words, being in our 30s means we need to act like our age…hehehe…

Anyway, all we can say is, thank goodness we bought when we did and not via auction.

Summary of June 20


A mid-afternoon rest…. not even a nap or snooze.. but just a rest 🙂 

Brighter/Different Perspective?

We never have let our mortgage stand in the way of our lives. It is merely an investment for our future and we are not going to curb our happiness or lifestyle purely because we have it. It frustrates us when people say that a mortgage is like a ball and chain… because it really isn’t… It just depends on how one chooses to look at it. 


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